Publisher Converter pour la publication numérique, Microsoft Publisher vers le Web

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How to use a Publisher converter to convert Publisher desktop publishing files from Microsoft Publisher to Web for digital publishing:

digital Publishing
There is now an easy way to search for a specific topic within all your Microsoft Publisher files, extract files and edit text, and then post to an online blog. Graphic design for online publishing of digital files, which go from desktop publishing (DTP) files to the internet, is a growing area of opportunity. Publisher converter, Markzware PageZephyr Search, is édition numérique software for content search that can help publishers going social via online blogs and other web sites, enabling the flux de travail numérique to distribute content, whether locally or globally. Creative professionals can also expand their social reach by joining Markzware sur Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and other online communities.

Convertisseur d'éditeur
PageZephyr Search’s features for handling contenu digital can be a big help with DTP to Web. Printers, éditeurs, and creative professionals can use this tool to get digital content on the internet for worldwide viewing. Here is a video that shows how:

Publisher Converter for Digital Publishing from Microsoft Publisher to Web

Markzware PageZephyr is the Publisher converter that streamlines the “DTP to Web” digital workflow
by helping users to
extraire des fichiers in DTP file formats, as well as to publish to the internet

PageZephyr Search’s ability to handle content search (think eDiscovery) in MS Publisher fichiers propriétaires, as well as in Adobe Creative Suite InDesign CS6 and QuarkXPress, is a very useful feature. This digital logiciel d'édition highlights your chosen keyword(s) in native files and allows users to edit text for creating digital files. Distributing content to the internet can help customers to find your products and/or services.

Markzware’s Publisher converter, PageZephyr Search, gives users a convenient storyboard window to edit PUB files for document output to print or web. Graphic designers, printers and publishers could upload digital files to take advantage of this ROI opportunity.

Extract Text from Publisher Files then Post to go from
MS Publisher to Internet
Markzware PageZephyr Search Mac Exemple 3This digital publishing software for content search allows users to easily create digital content,
find relevant information and post to multiple blogs, including WordPress, Google Docs, Scribd or Box!

Microsoft Publisher to Web
With all the native files that companies have in their databases, they could make good use of the valuable information within these proprietary file formats and legacy files, by accessing INDD proprietary file formats to easily locate, copy and paste, to extraire du texte. Visit the PageZephyr Search page to buy this Publisher converter. See more publishing software for creative professionals, printers, and publishers, by visiting the Markzware Produits.

If you haven’t already, please subscribe to the Markzware LISTE D'ENVOI. You can also comment below about how this digital publishing software has helped you, and can even use Markzware PageZephyr to post these comments to web blogs!

Publisher converter for digital publishing from Microsoft Publisher to Web: Watch the above video to learn about Markzware PageZephyr.

Titre: Publisher Converter pour la publication numérique, Microsoft Publisher vers le Web
Publié le: le 1 août 2013
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