Liste des moteurs de recherche en temps réel avec les formats de fichiers INDD

Avec Markzware PageZéphyr desktop search engine for Adobe InDesign (INDD) page layout formats de fichiers just out, this article becomes all the more interesting to us at Markzware:

Five “Real Time” Search Startups You Should Know

“For the past few years, there have been many ways to navigate the web to find out what is going on right now.  You could go to to see breaking news, or you could perform a search at Google news to search multiple media outlets.  However, while media outlets aren’t able to cover every story, the power of the internet enables most every story to be discussed.  From this, the real time web was born. »
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Recherche de fichiers InDesign Spotlight avec Markzware PageZephyr SearchDesktop search is mentioned, which is a feature of PageZéphyr, recherche de contenu application by Markzware. So, if Internet users are getting real time search, why not you graphistes, advertising agencies, publishing houses, imprimantes and marketing departments be able to search desktop publishing (DTP) documents with ease in a split second? PageZephyr can help you to search Adobe InDesign content to RTF or plain text to publish to print or the internet.

Real Time Search with Markzware PageZephyr

PageZephyr handles desktop search in Adobe InDesign fichier propriétaire formats

Do real time search with PageZephyr desktop search application, a search engine that can find and even recycle content WITHOUT opening the native application in which the content was created. When talking about desktop search to rechercher InDesign in proprietary file formats, then you can see how powerful this content search tool is. Well, don’t just take it from me, get PageZéphyr and give Markzware your feedback in a comment below!

Search INDD file formats with real time search engine for InDesign, Markzware PageZéphyr
Titre: Liste des moteurs de recherche en temps réel avec les formats de fichiers INDD
Publié le: 11 décembre 2009
David Dilling

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