Recherche de contenu dans les fichiers CC InDesign avec PageZephyr Search

Remarque: PageZephyr et PageZephyr Search ont été INTERROMPUS. Veuillez consulter notre Produits page pour les offres actuelles de Markzware. Markzware a également ID Util, qui peut vous aider à afficher des histoires Adobe InDesign.

recherche de contenu with PageZephyr Search Mac to
Search InDesign CC or CS6

Markzware, leading innovator of digital publishing software, content search technology, and data conversion software for the digital workflow, offers PageZephyr Search, a stand-alone content search application that can unlock your InDesign CC fichiers.

PageZephyr Search supports Adobe InDesign CC (Nuage créatif) or CS6 (Adobe Creative Suite) documents for the Mac platform. PageZephyr Search can find content within INDD fichier propriétaire formats for desktop publishing (DTP).

Recherche de contenu dans les fichiers CC InDesign avec PageZephyr Search

Search InDesign CC or CS6 files with Markzware’s content search application

PageZephyr Search benefits a variety of industries including those focused on corporate identity and branding.  Publishing, advertising and the graphic arts industries can benefit from it’s desktop search capabilities. Specific content previously generated within Adobe InDesign can be found, displayed and highlighted, by using this content search application. Rechercher InDesign, without the need for the original desktop publishing programs.

Based on your chosen keywords, PageZephyr Search brings relevant data right to your desktop. Markzware’s content search app turns your INDD documents into a database of searchable files. Find hidden content in fichiers natifs for use in printing and publishing.

Page Markzware Présentation de la fenêtre principale de Zephyr SearchSearch InDesign CC or InDesign CS6 with Markzware’s content search application

PageZephyr Search saves valuable content by helping to manage volumes of information in fichier InDesigns. Content within INDD documents can now be be located for creation of new content.

You can buy this content search application via the PageZephyr Search page. More DTP solutions for files created with digital publishing software are available via the Markzware Produits page. Search InDesign CC, today.

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Digital Content Search in InDesign CC Files with PageZephyr Search

Titre: Recherche de contenu dans les fichiers CC InDesign avec PageZephyr Search
Publié le: 11 juillet 2014
Patty Talley

Strategic Marketing Analyst chez Markzware

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